Drink, Slay, Love

Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst Originally posted at Nose in a BookEver since I made this mistake of reading Eat, Pray, Love, I have tried to stay away from series that mock/seem like that in any way. Drink, Slay, Love, seemed liked a book I should stay away from if only because of that. Yes, I understand it has nothing to do with Eat, Pray, Love, but seriously, the title was close enough that I gave it the side-eye.But you know what? I’m glad I picked up Drink, Slay, Love, it is a good YA novel. It’s fun, fluffy, has that boy, has its moments of drama, but it is a fun lighthearted YA book. It involves unicorns and vampires, HOW COULD IT NOT BE FUN!?! Even better yet, it has few sad moments, and few boy angst moments. It’s mostly banter! Witty-banter! It’s almost like this book was made for me. Yes, I’m one of those people who enjoy a fun-fluffy book.Anyhoo, on to the story. It’s is about this girl named Pearl who happens to be a vampire and gets stabbed by a unicorn horn. The problem is no one believes that she was stabbed by a unicorn horn, because unicorns don’t exist. Yes, vampires do, but unicorns don’t. Because she gets stabbed she is able to go out in sunlight, something that when tried by a family member sends them up in smoke. After the family stops being shocked, they use this to their advantage and send Pearl to a local high school to find humans who can be a present to the Vampire King.There is however a problem. Pearl starts to have feelings for her human friends, she can’t picture during them over to the Vampire King. People start to care for Pearl and Pearl isn’t used to that. Her family cares for her, but they care for her in their own vampire way. When humans start to care she gets confused. Plus, it’s exhausting for her to lead a double life of sort. No one in the vampire world is supposed to know that she can handle sun and go out in the daylight. Its starts to take its toll on her and her family. They’re disappointed she can’t just hand them people over right away, and the fact that she is starting to relate to humans kills her parents. They warn her to stay on target and ignore any feelings she may have. Her father tells her at one point “our fate is tied to yours. Don’t lets us down.” No pressure right? Pearl quickly realizes that this isn’t her fight to fight alone, and that human high school changed her in a short two weeks, but at the same time she also changed the people around her.There were a handful of things I didn’t enjoy.I didn’t enjoy the cover, which is once again proof that I should not judge a book by its cover, I didn’t enjoy the name Jardien, because really, how does one even pronounce that? And the way certain people and things are described bothered me, but I can quickly look over them because the descriptions work. I can visualize what the author is talking about. I can also see why people roll their eyes at this book. It is not a great piece of literature that will forever be on top ten lists, but you know what? It’s often nice to read books that are just fun.