The Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon THIS BOOK CAUSES ME RAGE. AND TWO STARS IS PUSHING IT.Originally posted at Nose in a BookThe only reason this is getting two stars is because I cannot give it a half star. And to be honest, it’s barely 1.5 stars. First off, this is a book I should like. There is a pretty cover and the blurb sounds like me. To be honest, sometimes that is all I ask for. But there is so much wrong with this book that the pretty cover cannot save it. Plus this is going to be a series, and you know I have problems with YA series.Where to start with this book. First of all, it is Twilight, take out vampires, insert magic, and set it in Ireland. Twilight was bad enough itself, but to read pretty much the same book set in another country? No thanks. Second, my friend tried to read it and couldn’t get through it, that alone should have been a sign I would have issues with it. Plus, Fallon’s writing isn’t amazing. I believe if the writing would have been better the book could have been better. Megan is new to the small town and makes a BFF no questions asked, when she blows her off the BFF, she is forgiven right away. Not even a little grudge! It just got to the point in this novel that I stopped caring about the people, the place, the drama, the MOMENT. I almost got to the skimming point in this novel, which is never a good sign.I really can’t recommend this book to any certain type of reader because it was just..blah. And the fact that it is going to be a series could excite me even less.