The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation Series #3)

The Deception of the Emerald Ring - Lauren Willig Originally posted at Nose in a BookAnother Lauren Willig novel! This is her third in the series so you would think I’d be used to the slow burn of her novels by now. You’d be wrong. Usually I hate slow burns. But this one is so well done I believe it and I crave more slow burn. I want more of Letty and Geoff who spend most of the book at odds with each other. In case my reviews haven’t made it clear: I hate angst. That’s Tina’s job here at Nose In A Book. I’m the girl who loves fluff. I like puppies and ponies and stories about domestic bliss.Oh those who think I’m joking.Anyway, back to Geoff and Letty, this is another story where I loved the past story more than the present day story that was occurring in the book. I wanted more of Geoff and Letty and Ireland. Where present day was still with Eloise, England and her dissertation. I know that dissertations take for-freaking-ever to write, and the present day part of the story hasn’t been going on for that long but I would still enjoy if if that portion could move along. I know that Eloise is part of the glue that holds the historical stories, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I could do without her. This is the second book by Willig in the row I wanted/needed to know more about the historical story. I listened to this on my ipod and when it would go back to present day I would legitimately get sad.It is also important to note that WIllig’s writing style is getting progressively stronger since the first book in the series.