Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis Originally posted at Nose In A BookOh this book. Within the first twenty pages the author, Revis, had me squirming in my seat. Her descriptions of things were so real and vivid that I felt like I was the character, Amy. Once I got past the squirmy parts, which was weird by itself because I rarely squirm, I fell in love with Amy. She acts very adult-like, partly because that’s her, partly because she has to. But then she has her moments and you remember that she’s a teenager. She’s a teenager from our time who has been frozen and wakes up (before she is supposed to) and is surrounded by people who don’t understand her and who she doesn’t understand.Amy meets Elder, a teenage boy who is being groomed to take over the ship that they are currently on. Of course nothing is as simple as it seems. This included. Weird things are happening on the ship. A mystery that last longer than this single book (it is a trilogy.)SPOILERS AHOY BELOWOther weird things I wasn’t a fan of: killing off a main character that part of me thought was a better match than Elder for Amy. the rape scene the pace was a tad slow for my taste the ending (although it’s a trilogy. I get it)How weird is it I don’t like the main ship? SO WEIRD. I always like the main ship the mostest. Now that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy Elder/Amy. I do. But they aren’t anything I overly want to fangirl with my bffs. Now the killing off of the main character who I liked with Amy better? Shocking. Shocking because I didn’t think Harley would die (should have known better. Someone ALWAYS dies.) But why Harley? He was so…Harley!Also, re: the rape scene, I feel this book would have been exactly the same without the rape scene. Yeah, they “mate” like that during the time period to keep the population going. But the whole scene was un-needed in my opinion.Another thing that bothered me with the book is the pace. It could have moved faster. You get a third of the way into the book before Amy and Elder really meet each other. Plus, the ending?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Even with all of my issues of the book. I did enjoy and love it and can’t wait to read the second one in the series.