Sea Change

Sea Change - Aimee Friedman Originally posted at Nose in a BookI expected more from this story. The plot line sounds very me so I went into the book expecting to love it. And I didn’t. I quickly fell into “is this page done yet?” “is this chapter done yet?” That’s never a good sign.Sea Change is the story of Miranda who has some teen angst she’s dealing with (of course she is! She’s a teen!). Miranda is forced to move to an island for a summer with her mother to clean up her grandma’s home. Miranda meets a boy who lives on the island and quickly falls in love with him (too quickly. WAY too quickly.) Her mother changes on her. There is something mysterious with said new boy in her life. She doesn’t fit in with the people who her mom wants her to be friends with. Etc. Etc. Etc.I can’t exactly pinpoint why this book annoys me so much, and I’m sorry for that. All I know is when I got to that last page I was relieved that it was done. I think I weirdly expected more. I hoped for more.