Always the Baker Never the Bride

Always the Baker, Never the Bride - Sandra D. Bricker Originally posted at Nose in a BookFirst of all, this is a Christian romance. The only reason I am bringing this up right away is because I honestly had no idea. Through reading the whole book until I was about 75% done. That lead to a very funny tweet from me. Mostly of confusion. Yes, there were mentions of God and praying but nothing out of the ordinary until I looked it up on a goodreads. People on goodreads were complaining about how they thought God was mentioned almost too often, but I really never even got that vibe. And I come from a lapsed-Catholic-midwest household, I know my mention of God.But yes, this is the story of Emma Rae, a diabetic who works in a bakery with her goth friend, Fee. Emma Rae and Fee work for a horrible man, so when Emma Rae gets the chance to work at a new inn that is being made she jumps at the chance and takes Fee with her. Once there Emma Rae falls in love with Jackson, the owner of the hotel and his very-southern sisters who are helping him. Of course she falls more in love with Jackson than the sisters.Jackson has some baggage of his own. Like he is opening the inn because it was a dream of his dead wifes. He also is dealing with the baggage of his dead wife. Whenever him and Emma Rae hang out the first thing that goes to his mind is his dead wife and what would she think. Would she be okay with him moving on?!This is where the pastor comes into play, not only is he part of the family but he reminds Jackson that his wife would want him to move on. She would want him to be happy. And happy is how he ends up. Of course they end up together. This is a romance book people! You think I would happily review a book where they don’t end up together?!Bonus: there are delicious sounding recipes at the beginning of most chapters.