Oh. My. Gods.

Oh. My. Gods. - Tera Lynn Childs Originally reviewed at Nose in A BookThis book was never on my radar, which is weird to say as I used to work at a public library and GoodReads comes up before google does when you type “g” into my address bar. But this book is what you need some days. It was cute. I’m sure many cringed when they read that. But really, this book was cute. It was the perfect kind of quick, fluffy read that is sometimes needed.Child's interprets Greek Gods in a whole new way that is completely different from that other book I read earlier this year. This is fun and almost lighthearted where the previous was dark and mysterious. Not to say that Oh. My. Gods. doesn’t have its dramatic moments. It does. I mean, come on, its about a 17 year old girl trying to make sense of her life when her mom moves her halfway across the world. That would be dramatic for anyone! But someone who is dealing with her mother remarrying after knowing a guy six days (it’s love!) and then finding out that guy is the head of a school where people are descendants of Gods? Yeah, it has its dramatic moments and rightfully so!The important thing about this book is that Childs’ writing is fabulous and lovely and you want more. Plus she throws twist and turns that you think you see coming but you actually don’t, which is always awesome.