The Nightmare

The Nightmare: A Novel - Lars Kepler Originally posted at Nose in a BookI think this book got lost in translation. I’m not even saying that to be snarky. I really think it did. This book is wildly popular is Sweden and is the second in the series. I read the first and loved it. I was in the middle of my Swedish book crazy and couldn’t put it down. This one is a little different.I was intrigued by the story, but I wasn’t intrigued enough to keep reading. I did finish, of course. I rarely don’t finish a book, in part because I’m behind on my 2012 reading goal, but mostly because it kills me to give up on a book. So yes, I finished this book. The plotline helped that.This is the story of a couple that is trying to run away from a killer and the interesting police detective who is trying to find them. The problem is there is a lot of extra to the story I just didn’t see the point of. I am sure there is a point, I just wasn’t getting it. As one who took many english classes and history classes I know to read for context. This was case of me not getting it. And with not getting it I just stopped caring. I started to skim which is never a good sign.Also, back to my original idea: I think this book got lost in translation. I often thought to myself “if I could read this in the original Swedish it would probably make more sense.” Although if I go by goodread stars, even people had issues with the original Swedish.