Origin - Jessica Khoury Originally posted at Nose in a Book (blog)Origin was a buzz book of 2012. It is YA heaven. This is the story of Pia. Pia’s life is surrounded by a jungle, literally. She was born and raised in the middle of a jungle to be immortal. Pia was created by a group of scientist to be the strong immortal out there, which she is. Her skin cannot pierced, she has heightened hearing, sight, smell and even speed. Pia however has her weaknesses. She has normal strength and is extremely stubborn, both of which are extremely looked down upon by her ‘family.’ Of course she doesn’t really have a family, she has a group of scientists who have become her family. She calls a woman ‘mother’ and a group of men ‘uncle’. There is nothing wrong with creating your own family, I am all for it. However when it comes down to it, and in a pivotal point of the novel it will, she’ll come to find who is really her family and who isn’t.Pia is often seen as naive throughout this book by many scientists because she has never left this bubble that is her life. And it’s true until one day her need to know about the outside outweighed her need to stay in the bubble that was her world. She found a hole in the electrified fence and went through it. Once through that hole Pia realized that the world outside of all that she once knew isn’t that scary. In the outside world, Pia meets Eio, who happens to be a jungle boy. While he is kind and patient with Pia, he sees the danger of her bubble, of Little Cam as it is known. Eio is also honest to a fault and because of this honesty he tells Pia how bad Little Cam is and how dangerous it is to Pia.Pia of course doesn’t believe Eio because Little Cam, her bubble, is all that she knows. Yet, even with Eio encouraging her to leave, Pia and Eio slowly fall into love. Eio is quicker to admit to love of Pia than Pia is of Eio because she isn’t confident in what love is. Pia’s world of Little Cam is quickly changing throughout the week that Origin covers. Even though Origin only covers a week, Khoury’s writing is so strong that you don’t even notice the fast pace speed of the book.All of this being said, this book is a solid 3.5 book. There is nothing wrong with it to me, this book just isn’t my type of book. I highly recommend it, I just couldn’t give it a higher rating because I personally won’t be running out to buy the book.