Igraine the Brave

Igraine The Brave - Cornelia Funke Originally posted at Nose in a Book (blog)Can you picture growing up wanting to be a knight? Well, Igraine can. That’s all she has ever wanted to be. A knight.There is a slight problem with this. Igraine is a girl, and girls can’t be knights. That’s a known fact. Igraine doesn’t listen to people when they tell her this. She is an amazingly strong character who likes ‘non-girly’ things. This is of course uncommon during the story’s setting. Igraine’s family also has a secret. They’re magical. Her whole family is. Another problem is Igraine is horrible at magic, unlike her brother Albert who is amazing at anything magical. Her parents are, too; it is their specialty. They have magic singing books, they play with it; Igraine on the other hand has no interest in playing with magic. All she wants to do is have a sword fight with someone!Everyone thinks Igraine looks funny in her chain mail and noisy armor, plus, not only are girl knights unheard of, so are knights in general. Igraine’s life takes place in what is known as The Tower. No danger has come to The Tower in well, forever, or at least recent memory! Why would someone want to become a knight when they can play with magic?! Igraine fights this exact question throughout Igraine the Brave and along with fighting this question, she figures out who she truly is.With the help of a Sorrowful Knight, a battle to fight for The Tower, and the fact that her parents don’t stay human throughout the book, Igraine takes the reader on a really fun adventure.