Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved Series #2)

Darkness Falls - Cate Tiernan Originally posted at Nose in a bookWhere to start with this series. First of all it takes awhile to get into. The main character, Nastasya, is easy to hate. She’s almost too easy to hate. But with her inner dialogue it is easy to see why she makes the life choices she makes even when they’re blinding mistakes, and as the reader you are yelling at the book “NO. NO DON’T DO IT.”What? You don’t yell at your books?Darkness Falls is the second book in the Immortal Beloved series. You could easily read this without the first book, Immortal Beloved, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There is too much back story in book one that is carried into book two. Plus, with reading the first one, you can see how much Nastasya has grown by the end of the second one. You may even like her by the end of the second one.Nastasya doesn’t do feelings well. She feels like a failure, and she can’t see why people where she lives like her, or even worse (in her mind) defend her. I relate to that. I don’t do feelings well myself. I like to act like I handle them well, but I don’t. So reading her emotions, or lack of emotions on situations I could easily relate to. And then she would do something stupid that would lead me to yell at the book again.Nastasya will easily not be readers YA female character of the year. She’s a bitch, moody, often cranky, she makes openly bad choices that she knows are bad choices and still does them anyway. But by the end of the book she slowly turns into a more likable character. The same occurs in the first book, but the change is more noticeable in this book. Which I find to be a good thing. Plus Tiernan continues to be a fabulous writer.