Love in a Nutshell

Love in a Nutshell - Dorien Kelly, Janet Evanovich Originally posted at Nose in a BookFirst off, this book is not for every one. Lauren and Tina, the other two authors on this blog, would hate this book. Not necessarily hate it, but it wouldn’t be a four star book in their eyes. I enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed Janet Evanovich’s screwball comedy romances. I needed something happy and fluffy and this provided it. There was a slight hint of a mystery back story to it but the main story was Kate getting over an asshole ex husband and Matt who is head over heels in love with Kate. Although I will admit it took awhile for Matt to fall head over heels in love with her, but when he does. He does.The thing with romances is often it is hard to believe them. The two end up together and you’re like “oh? why?” This isn’t one of those. When these two end up together (SPOILER ALERT: THEY DO!) it is believable and perfect for the two of them. This book also takes place in Michigan, a place near and dear to my midwest heart. This made me miss home. Which is always good in a book. Not that I wanted to be homesick, but it was a good book to get homesick with.Plus, this book was a very quick read. Finished it in a day. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone (again see first three sentences of this review.) But if you’re in the mood for a quick fluffy screwball romance this is a good one.