Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Originally posted at yAdult ReviewWhat would you do if you thought about the future and could see how it would play out? Addison Coleman, or Addie can do exactly that. She once almost went out with a classmate and saw that it wouldn’t end well for her and didn’t go out with him. Of course not everything is that easy. Addie’s parents tell her one day that they are getting a divorce. Divorce between ‘normal’ parents are hard enough, but with parents who live in a paranomal compound? And one parent wants to leave? This becomes extremely difficult for Addie.So Addie, and her best friend, decide to have Addie ‘search’ and to see what she should do. Should she live with her father in the ‘norm’ world? Should she live with her mother in the ‘para’ world? A six week search shows Addie that no matter what side she chooses there are pros and cons.In one universe she is dating the hottest guy on the football team, and on the other side she is dating the boy next door who everyone loves and adores. For most of this book I was very pro boy love interest, and although I was a leaning a little more towards one boy I would have been happy and content with either boy. That being said, when a pivotal moment occurred in the book, I became very glad I was leaning towards the ‘good’ love interest.I. love. this. book.No really, I do. I finished reading my ARC of this book at about two am and then went straight to my indie online and bought it. I couldn’t put this book down and I didn’t want to. I was excited how the two universes overlapped in sometimes the smallest ways, but often the biggest ways, too. And although I wish Kasie West would have went more into certain aspects of the world, West’s writing and imagery made it so that I wanted this book to never end even with the few ‘flaws’ I felt that it had.. I just wanted it to go on and on. Thankfully this is going to be a series, so it will be going on! I really can’t wait to see what West has coming out next.