Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours - Cate Tiernan Originally posted at yAdult ReviewOh this series. I have read it from the beginning and trusted Cate Tiernan to the end. The first book started off slow for my taste, the second book was anything but the typical middle child, and this book brought everything together. (I was a history major so that may have something to do with it.) This book is heavy in the history and the past of Nastasya, which I found to be very interesting. Everything begins to make sense in this book. Things that may have been mentioned in the first book in passing all makes sense now. It is a testament to Tiernan and her writing and how the smallest of statements means something.In the brief recap that we are given we are reminded that Nastasya is still her same snarky self who hates and trusts no one but the select few that are her inner circle. We are also reminded who the bad guys are that we have followed through this entire series. With flashbacks to the historical setting there is never a dull moment in this book or this series.Through Tiernan’s writing of flashbacks with a tie to Nastasya’s past, the reader understands why she is the way that she is. Nastasya’s love interest in the book is still the lovely Reyn. Reyn, who is part raider with a dash of bad boy and hotness He takes no shit from her and makes her become a stronger person, a stronger woman. Often women characters are written to be meek and submissive, and while Nastaya isn’t what one would call meek or submissive, she has her moments that Reyn could let her be without pushing her, but that wouldn’t be Reyn.I am sad to see this series go. Not only because I enjoy Tiernan’s writing, but because this is a solid series full of humor, action, an awesome mystery, a little bit of angst and of course the romance. My friend pointed out that this isn’t the typical love story, and it isn’t. Which makes it even that better and more memorable.