Rush Me

Rush Me - Allison Parr Originally posted at yAdult Review3.5 Stars.Ahhh yes. Our first “New Adult” review. Mostly because I have shied away from New Adult, because really it’s a whole bandwagonsportsball I have issues with and should probably write a post about. Anyhoo, this book as an intro to New Adult was not a bad introduction. This book is about football, or as my BFF calls it “sportsball” “handegg” or any of the above. I bring this point up, because Tina knows next to nothing about football but still knows the QB of her local team. Or the player with the long hair on her local teams rivals team. This is the story of Rachael, Rachael who knows nothing about her local football team including what the quarterback looks like. To be fair, I know nothing about my own local football team, mostly because I support my homestate football team; however, I still know what local football team players look like. That may have been my main pet peeve throughout this story.That being said, the story still flows well even with this plot-fall. Rachael is snarky and stands for nothing. She has a ton of feminist rants and judges herself when she makes mean comments that she knows she shouldn’t. Rachael legit calls her self out for slutshaming. That is so rare lately it was a nice breath of fresh-air to see. Between her snark and rants it was like this weird mixture of Tina and I, which is probably why I enjoyed her. Also, this story is from Rachael’s point of view, so while she is bitching about life events it is easy to see where Ryan, her love interest, is coming from as an outside viewer. Rachael assumes that Ryan is this dumb jock. I mean, he’s quarterback for the local NFL team, that isn’t hard is it? Well, when she finds out that Ryan studied military history her mind was blown (as a person who herself studied military history this reader had a moment) in the best way possible.There is a lot of growth throughout this book on both sides to the point you actually wish the two would stop bickering and just make out. Of course the bickering does lead to some awesome making out. There is also a lot of insecurities on both sides which leads to more bickering to more hot make out scenes.While there was nothing overly wrong with this book (again nice NA to enter the genre with) I felt it moved too fast in parts and too slow in others, with certain aspects that were just not believable. Her randomly getting into the party, her bonding with all the guys, them loving and protecting her, her having no idea about football players. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and Parr’s writing style and of course Ryan.