Dualed - Originally posted yAdult ReviewEvery once in awhile I think to myself “damn I should have listened to Tina.” Please note: this happens more than “every once in awhile.” In the case of Dualed. I should have listened to Tina. While a solid book, it was also a let down in many ways. The premise is awesome. It is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drown the whole world, West Grayer, who grows up and trains to a fighter. She has to be like this because the day will come where she is given information about her Alt. A girl she has to kill to survive. A girl who is training for the same reason: to kill her Alt, in this case West.Yes, I know what face you’re making. Probably close to the one I was making: it seems very Hunger Games like. And while the death aspect is very much like Hunger Games not much else is.West is not at all like the character she could, or should, be. She could be strong and amazing and on the page she often fell a bit flat. When she was supposed to be scared and panic, I felt none of those emotions and just wanted the plot to move forward. There is a bit of a love interest, which I always find weird in this type of book. I understand one does not chose when they fall in love, or who they fall in love with however when the theme of the book is clearly focus on West being a kick ass heroine, it’s a bit weird to have her fault in love in the later 75% of the book. I do appreciate how Chord believes more in West than she believes in herself, but the romance was extremely lacking to me. Which, I’ve made clear throughout my book loving life: romance is important to me. Of course I can read a book without romance in it; however, if you’re going to use romance as a plot device, you better use it well.There were also numerous questions left unanswered throughout this book. Although there is a second book in this series, many of the questions should have been answered in this book. That disbelief though made it easier to enjoy this book. There was nothing really wrong with this book, but that being said, there was nothing about this book that was overly special or amazing and in this genre there needs to be that something.