Legacy - Molly Cochran Originally posted at yAdult Review accidentally started this book series. I picked up the second book from the library, got all the way home and realized I was missing some important parts (like reading the back of the book closer!). This book is the story of Katy, who’s father legit dumps her at this mysterious boarding school on the East Coast. Katy comes to find out that the boarding school is owned by her family, on her mother’s side. The mother that Katy does not discuss since her mother died.From the first step she takes on campus Katy is hated. Hated. And she has no idea why. She comes to find out she comes from a long line that can do magic. A powerful line no less. (Of course it’s a powerful line!) Katy not only has to adjust to this, but adjust to the fact her family has a few twisted things in their past. Plus, she is having to deal with her father and his girlfriend who have never really understood what was going on in Katy’s life.While this is a good story, I’m completely neutral to the book. I shut the book, started the second one and have no real memory of it. I didn’t hate the book while reading it, not at all, I mean, I picked up the second book! I just had not strong memories of the book. While I still recommend it because it was enjoyable read, it was just not memorable.