Slayed - Amanda Marrone Originally posted at Nose in a BookI picked up this book on a whim. I’ve been interested in the author and when I was at the library I decided ‘why not?’ I am so glad I picked up this book. It was a quick read. When I say quick read I mean, started it when I got off of work at 11PM and kept reading until I finished at 2-ish in the morning.This is the story of Daphne Van Helsing who is a vampire slayer. No really, it’s the family business. All Daphne wants to do is stay in one place longer than two weeks, go to high school, go to prom, and meet guys that she doesn’t have to stake. She isn’t asking for much!Daphne and her parents end up in a small town in Maine to kill the local vampire that is messing with the population. While Daphne is fighting the vampire she has to also deal with her new BFF who thinks it is AWESOME that she kills vampires (until she figures out how hard it is), the new cute boy on the scene (who happens to be a rival vampire killer), and how her parents don’t seem to know what a hard time she’s having. I can’t say I relate to Daphne because I don’t. Sorry, I don’t slay vampires at night, my parents didn’t move me on a weekly basis (once was enough.) But the thing is the way Marrone wrote the novel, I empathise with Daphne. I hated her parents for her. I wanted them to understand her. I wanted her to figure out that sooner or later everything would be okay.This is an excellent stand alone book. I was quite a fan.