It's All Too Much, So Get It Together

It's All Too Much, So Get It Together - Peter Walsh, John Hendrix Originally posted at Nose in a BookI know non-fiction is not the norm here; however, when I picked up my holds recently at the library this had my name on it. I have been in the mood to purge all my stuff shit so I figured lets tackle this book and tackle my shit. Along with tackling my shit I will be tackling the challenge I set to this year since this book is pre-2012! YAY ME!Although this book is originally for teens it still held up well to the post-teen person that I am. A long time ago on TLC I used to watch a show called Clean Sweep hosted by Peter Walsh, the man who wrote this book. I liked him then, I liked him now. This book made me want to get up and start sorting my books. It talked to me in a way that spoke to me. I know that is corny to say, but it did. I understand that Walsh isn’t trying to get you to get rid of all your possessions, he just wants you to be a better you. And you can’t be a better you with all of your stuff weighing you down.I have a lot of stuff. When a friend from Europe visited me once the first thing she said when she stepped in my room was “Wow, you have a lot of crap.” I do. I know this. I like my knickknacks, my books, my collections. But I also know that I’m almost 24 and I need to start parting with shit, it’s overflowing and starting to give me panic attacks. I already have enough panic attacks without the shit seeping into my brain.The only problem with this book is I read it at night. Since I live with people night is not a prime cleaning time. I would prefer to not face their wrath if I woke up them up. But still, when I have a three day weekend, or just time in general, I can’t wait to start getting rid of the stuff.