Death Before Wicket (Phryne Fisher, #10)

Death Before Wicket - Kerry Greenwood Originally posted at Nose in a BookIn her 10th novel Phryne goes on a trip! To Sydney! It was nice to leave Melbourne for awhile, and there was a cricket back story and even a story involving Dot, Phryne’s companion. Yet this story could not be saved for me. It was dry, it was dull, it was boring. I missed the usual pizazz that is Phyrne Fisher in this story. Part of her is still there, but at the same time she changed a lot from the previous stories. Maybe that is because her lover, Lin Chung isn’t there and she obviously missed him.I wanted to like this book. Really, I did. I tried to like this book. I love Phyrne Fisher (evidence here.) I love the fact it takes place in 1930s Australia. I love the fact this book series is fun and quick. However, Death Before Wicket, was rough. I can try to blame the fact that I was sick while I listened to most of this. A number of factors could go into the fact that this book just wasn’t my favorite Phyrne.I did give it two stars however cause it is Phryne, and the writing is strong.