Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road Series #1)

Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road Series #1) - Originally posted at Nose in a BookI know what you’re thinking. A kids book review, you’re kidding. But you know when you’ve read a lot of heavy stuff and you just need a break from life and hard reading, this is the perfect book!The names are a bit silly, but the plot is pretty awesome and the drawings are whimsical and silly, but awesome all at the same time. The lead character in this book is Ignatius B. Grumply, moves into this old Victorian mansion to have peace and quiet and to write his thirteenth mystery book in a children’s series. There is however a problem. The house has a child in it and a cat. Ignatius hates cats and children. Yes, he is a children book author, and yes, he dislikes them! He was warned about both of them before he came into the house, but he has no care for paperwork. There is another problem. Ignatius is stuck. He cannot write anymore since something happened over 20 years ago. He’s broke so he needs this book to be a hit but it every time he writes he knows it’s rubbish and won’t get far.Plus, have I mentioned the ghost who lives in the house? She has been stuck since the house was built and has no need to leave. When people go to buy the house or live there for any amount of time she scares them into leaving. And it works. No one stays. No one wants to stay. The ghost and the eleven year old boy (who’s parents left him there while they are on tour and the house is for rent) like this.The three of them do come to an agreement on how to survive in this house together.Yes this book is semi-predictable and the names can get a bit old. But it’s a children’s book! There are pretty fun drawings and it’s fun to be in a kid mindset for awhile. It’s fun not to take life so seriously every once in awhile!