The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess - Camilla Läckberg, Steven T. Murray Originally posted at Nose in a BookYes. Hello, I’m alive and back! It seems time has gotten away from me a little with time management problem. But since Lauren and Tina haven’t kicked me out I’m am back reviewing. I have been addicted to Swedish mysteries lately so when there was a chance to read The Ice Princess I knew I had to. I work at a library and I know how popular these books and there is a reason for that.They are good.It’s as simple as that. When I read other Swedish mysteries I had a lot of major problems with that. The two problems I have with this book are so minor I can over look them and go through the rest in the series quickly. My two problems by the way are I have a slight issue with translation. Something may have been fluid in Swedish, but in English it seems choppy and weird (but again, that may just be me and I can overlook) and the fact when anyone in these books find a clue they don’t tell you what said clue is until pages later. However, that is my problem because that is just how I am used to mysteries being wrote. I can be re-trained!Läckberg’s Ice Princess takes place in Fjallbacka, Läckberg’s hometown, a small place where everyone knows everyone and everyone is concerned about appearances. Although I am 23 and from the big city, I related to her 30-something characters in this small town. The way Erica, an author, and her childhood friend, Patrik, a police officer, work together to solve the murder of her childhood friend Alex was a complete give and take relationship. Erica would not just sit still when it came to the murder of a girl that she hadn’t seen in over twenty years. This was hard for Patrik because Erica was known to get herself into sticky situations.There were also numerous other little stories that were going on while Patrik and Erica were solving this crime. But all of them ended up tying in with the main story nicely. Which is almost cliched to say, but true. I wanted to know more about the secondary characters, and even the main characters and although I found out enough for one book, it was almost not enough. Which is why I’m thankful that this has become a series. I can’t wait to find out more about them.When it comes to twists and turns I feel it is fair to say that Ice Princess has its share, and I was really only able to figure out one. Maybe even only half of it at that. When it came to the actual crime I can say I wasn’t able to solve the actual murderer by the time they were announced, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t want to justify the murderer, even though it’s just a book, but I can understand their reasoning. Everyone must “keep up with appearances.”