The Gathering (Darkness Rising Series #1)

The Gathering (Darkness Rising Series #1) - Originally posted at Nose in a BookI read Kelley Armstrong’s last trilogy The Darkest Powers last year so I was very excited to read The Gathering as soon as I heard about it. This is a sort of continuation of The Darkest Powers Trilogy, but at the same time you don’t have to read that to understand this story at all. First of all, I love Maya. I relate to her. I relate to her feelings on topics that come with being a teenager and I relate to the flaws that she has; and how she slowly begins to grow throughout The Gathering. Now of course this is another trilogy so not that much growing can go on (what would go on in the next two novels?!) I’m also in love with her parents. She has a relationship with her parents that I have with mine. We embarass each other, we’re sarcastic with each other, and we get mad at each other, but at the end of the day we love each other. And Maya’s parents love her, fiercely. It also takes place in a small town and I have always loved the though of living in a small town. Not that I would ever do it, I am a big city girl at heart, but the thought of small towns make me happy and Maya embraces the face that she lives in this small town. She has lived there since she was young, so she is used to it but she can jusifty and support her small town, Salmon Creek, off of Vancouver, if needed no questions asked.Spoilers below.First of all, the paranomal twist, I called from the getgo, with no spoilers needed. It’s clear to me that she’ll turn into an animal of sorts. She has a birthmark in the shape of a paw print and each chapter has this paw print design on it. However, even catching all the clues I was still interested in how Armstrong was going to handle the shifting portion of the novel. With how popular wolves and the like have become popular in YA I feel like I’ve read it all. And I’m sure I have. But Armstrong handled it, and ended The Gathering to the point I want to know more and would read the second in the series no questions asked.Next, the boys. Oh the boys. It needs to be said: I go for bad boys. I just do, which is hilarious because they aren’t my type at all really, and I know that. But oh, do I like them. So we have two boys, Daniel, her BFF who she has a brotherly relationship with, who has never pushed her into a relationship, probably because he dated her previous BFF, who died the year before (more on that later.) Daniel and her also have a really good friendship/relationship. His father is a drunk. And a mean drunk who takes it out on Daniel, and Maya knows that. Maya’s parents also know this and pretty much have opened their door to him, letting him stay over whenever he wants to. He throws her a birthday party and it’s the perfect type of party for her! And it’s really hard to not gush about Daniel. Maya and Daniel just have a dynamic that part of me never wants them to get together because it would fuck with it, but at the same time, wants them to get together because it would be so good. And then there is Rafe. The “player” as Maya’s father calls him (with a straight face no less.) Maya is drawn to him and there is a connection and they kind-of-sort-of begin to date but then whoops, he lied to her. Okay it depends on how you look at it and from who’s point of view you see. But Maya is upset about it. And she has the right to be upset about it and I can see why she is upset, but at the same time I see Rafe’s side and why he handled things the way he did. BUT I REALLY JUST WANT HER TO PICK A BOY NOW. Because I know if she doesn’t I’ll choose the wrong one. And I can’t do that. No siree.Also, Maya’s BFF Serena, a star swimmer drowned the year before. Maya and Daniel were there and they still don’t really believe it. The book starts out on a bang with one wanting to know more.This book left me wanting more. I want more of Maya’s backstory. I want to know more about the boys. I want to know if Daniel will move out. If Maya will shift. If everything with Rafe and Rafe’s family is okay. Is everything in this small town really as perfect as it seems? Dear The Calling please come out soon.