Underworld (Abandon Trilogy Series #2)

Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot Originally posted at Nose in a BookI should probably start this review with the obvious, I’m quite the Meg Cabot fan. Always have been always will be. Underworld is the second book in her Abandon Trilogy. This trilogy is a retelling of a well known Greek myth.This book starts off right where the first one ends, Pierce awakens in the underworld with her boyfriend, John. After she mistakenly eats food while in the underworld she is not allowed to leave. Never see her family again. Pierce accepts this as her fate until her phone works in the underworld and she sees a video of her cousin in trouble. Pierce is fairly close to her cousin and feels responsible for the current pain he is in.Pierce is able to get John to let her go back to the “living” world and meet up with her cousin. Here’s the thing: since Pierce has been gone, and it hasn’t been too long, her cousin has become somewhat of a badass. He has his reasons, and they are explained, but he’s still a badass, who by the end of the book is a changed man, in an interesting turn of events.While I enjoyed this book I did have a few pet peeves with it. My first one is John. I get the bad boy appeal, man do I get the bad boy appeal. But John is almost too much of a bad boy to the point I’m annoyed and I don’t see why Pierce truly likes/loves him. Yes, he has somewhat changed himself for the better for her, but when it comes down to it I think Pierce would be better off without him. Part of me wishes there would be another love interest in the book that I could root for. Even with John, I have faith in Cabot and this trilogy, if I have learned anything from Cabot and her previous books it’s that the love always wins and works out for the best.Will I be reading the last and final book in the trilogy? Yes, yes I will be. Will it be because of this book? No. It will be because I’m in love with Meg Cabot’s writing.