Casting Spells (Sugar Maple Series #1)

Casting Spells - Barbara Bretton Originally posted at Nose in a BookAshley, reading an adult book again? Shocking. I know. This book was kind of perfect (for me.) There was a fairly exciting mystery and two people who I wanted to smish together and force to be happy.Of course the book didn’t work that easily! But so close!This is the story of a girl named Chloe. Chloe Hobbs is the only human is her small town of Sugar Maple, VT. Sugar Maple is a unique town in the fact it is full of vampires, warlocks, and witches, most of whom are super nice no less. Chloe owns the local yarn and knit shop that begins to get a tad famous in the blogworld and then in person. Chloe’s little town has a spell put on it so nothing bad happens in the town’s boundaries. The spell stays alive through one person in the town. Of course this one person is Chloe, whose mother happens to be a witch. Chloe would herself be a full blood witch if her mother didn’t fall in love with a human. This makes Chloe a half witch who hasn’t comes into her powers yet.In the book Chloe does start to come into her powers with the help of a cop named Luke. Luke has come to down to investigate the death of his childhood friend. Of course the problem is the fact that Luke is human, and to be honest no one is supposed to die in Sugar Maple because of the spell. This human death means that the spell is weakening and with it weakening the town is concerned what it means for the future of the town. The spell begins to fix itself when Chloe and Luke begin to fall in love.When they kiss there are sparks. Literally. Sparks. It of course creeps them out at first, but they begin to get used to it. When they begin to get used to it, Chloe’s powers begin to come in. This shocks the town of Sugar Maple because for 30 years Chloe hasn’t had a single spark of powers. But at the same time as Chloe is getting her powers the town is worried because Luke is a human. The town, although welcoming to humans doesn’t want them to live there forever.Back to the point of Luke being in town, his friend died mysteriously and he is trying to figure out by whose hand. The hand is of course a magical hand, someone that Chloe actually knows. Of course she does not know this at the time. Luke and Chloe work together to solve the mystery, and another mystery, and they figure out each other along the way.The ending also through me for a bit. I don’t want to say much and give it away but it is a good one. Left me wanting more: in a good way.