Away with the Fairies: A Phryne Fisher Mystery (Phryne Fisher Mysteries)

Away With the Fairies - Kerry Greenwood Originally posted at Nose in a BookI love Phryne (Fry-knee) Fisher. If I lived in the late 1920’s/early 1930’s, I would want to be her. She is fun, fancy and loves life. She also is in love with Lin Chung, or better yet finally admits to her love of him for various reasons. Don’t get me wrong, this is a murder-mystery through and through, but Greenwood puts just the right about of romance into the story. Plus, Lin Chung never once tries to change Phryne, his old-world grandmother does, but Lin Chung accepts her the way she is: a rarity in 1928.Back to Away With The Fairies, this is the 11th book in the Phryne Fisher series (previously reviewed here and here) and like the 10 before it there are are two story lines. The first storyline in this mystery is the fact that a well-known mystery author has died and Phryne takes a job at the local paper where the author worked to get to the bottom of it. The second storyline involves Lin Chung and the fact that he has gone missing. Do you see why Phryne figures out how much she loves him?Both story lines are thrilling and could have easily been two separate books; however, with the way that Greenwood rights the two meshed together perfectly. The Lin Chung storyline carries over into the murder-mystery because Phryne is legitimately worried. Thankfully Phryne has help with the assistance of Mr. Butler, Dot–her maid, and her two drivers. She trusts everyone in her life and because of this they all help her to solve the mystery and Lin Chung’s disappearance (those darn pirates!)So yes, once again my love of Phryne continues.