Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Originally posted at Nose in A BookOh this book. I waited patiently for it, even though I just read the first book. This book picks up six months after the last one ended, with Kate going back to Henry and the Underworld. Things of course stand in the way of Kate and Henry’s happiness. Mostly Kate and Henry! But there is also fighting, other people, and more fighting. Lots of fighting, which was actually nice in a YA book. I’ve read too many fluffy YA books lately, and Carter can write an awesome fight scene.Clear pet peeve of the book: Kate and her need for Henry’s attention and affections. Stop being Bella Swan, Kate! You’re a kick-ass woman who is slowly finding her way! I get that you want him to state how much he loves and adores you but things don’t always work out that way. (And now Tina, is laughing at me) Yes, things work out and I’m happy for Kate and Henry, but when she was whiny? Man, I wanted to slap her, or throw the book across the room. Of course this was a library book and I couldn’t throw it without fear of damaging it.No really, I spent most of the book wanting to shove Kate and Henry in a room and go “WORK OUT YOUR ISSUES.” They did work out their issues of course, but it took awhile (90% of the book.) In the meantime however, Kate went on an underworld journey with two of her friends that ends up shaping herself in the long run, which was nice.Even with my pet peeve of the book, I still recommend it, especially if you’ve read the first now. Now, I’m waiting for the third and final book in the series (not just because there was a cliffhanger with this book)I am also torn on how many stars to give the book. I’m a believer in the half star and this is one I think that needed it.