In Search of the Rose Notes

In Search of the Rose Notes - Emily Arsenault Originally posted at Nose in a Book I read this book because it was 99 cents on and recommended by the awesome Meg Cabot. This book got me to and from New Jersey on vacation (hi, Colleen!) in what would have otherwise would have been a boring flight.In Search of the Rose Notes, is the story of Nora who, when she was a child, was the last one to see her babysitter alive before she died/disappeared. Fifteen years later Nora comes back home and begins to solve the mystery of her babysitter. She reconnects with her old best friend, Charlotte, who she lost touch with after the disappearance of Rose.The story is told between present day and around the time Rose disappeared. Nora didn’t handle the fact that she was the last one to see Rose alive well, and lets be honest here. Who would handle it well? It haunted her until the present day and ruined many relationships that she had (and then spent time trying to repair said friendships.)Throughout the novel, Nora fixes friendships, herself and solves the murder of Rose. I found the novel interesting because the I honestly did not see the big twist coming, and the end? Not nice and neat which I’m used to. The pains of reading so many romance novels is the fact I’m used to happy endings and this ending, while nice, didn’t end in the perfect way but any other ending for this story would have ruined the story.