No Way to Kill a Lady (Blackbird Sisters Series #8)

No Way to Kill a Lady - Nancy Martin Originally posted at Nose in a bookNo Way To Kill a Lady is the eighth book in the Blackbird Mystery Series. This series went on hiatus for a few years. Although the seventh book ended on an almost perfect note, I was more than happy to pick this book up. Nora, the lead sister, has her life in upheaval. Both of her sisters live fairly messed up lives. Her husband is in jail (mob connections) and she has a knack for finding dead bodies. This is no different. Once again Nora finds a dead body. Nora’s personal life also comes into this story more than previous books in this series.Nora not only has to deal with her two sisters, she is dealing with long lost family members, that pesky estate where Nora found the dead body and Mick. Oh Mick, her husband. Mick gets out of jail early (yay!), Mick is on house arrest (boo! This will drive Mick and in turn Nora crazy), and Mick is dealing with a few problems of his own.This isn’t to say that the story runs amok, because it doesn’t. Martin’s writing is strong as ever, better, one could say, and the fact that I’ve recently been to the Philadelphia area makes this book even more ‘real’ to me. But that trip to Philadelphia isn’t necessary. Promise. Martin uses the fact that Nora is an ex-society lady and now covering events to bring Philadelphia to life.I’ve read this book series since almost the beginning. Martin does an excellent job and makes this book, the eighth in the series, easy to pick up as a first book. I will also be honest with you, I read this book for Mick. He’s a bad boy. Sadly he is a bad boy who loves Nora with all of his heart. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t on my book crush list. Yes, I have one. You know you have one.