Arise - Tara Hudson Originally posted at Nose in a BookThis book picks up very much where the first one leaves off. Amelia is still a ghost, she is still in love with Joshua, and she is still fighting the world for trying to keep her and Joshua separated. While on a family trip to New Orleans, Joshua and Amelia try to find answers about Amelia’s dreams/nightmares/life. This is where Hudson’s writing is brilliant. The storyline becomes more original, it becomes even more suspenseful than the first book in the series ever was.In New Orleans they are led to Gabriella (Gaby), who is supposed to help Amelia and Joshua. Ah, yes, that key phrase ‘supposed to help.’ Gaby ends up leaving Amelia and Joshua with far more questions than answers and the event comes down to one thing: does Amelia stay by Joshua (her love) or does she leave for his safety? I promise you, this book isn’t as New Moon as it sounds. I promise.I feel bad for Joshua throughout this book because he really loves Amelia, he wants their relationship to work. Of course Amelia is thinking of Joshua growing up, wanting a family of his own and she can’t help him do that. Because they are teenagers in a brand new relationship they don’t talk, they both do what they think is best for the relationship. Even if the reader can see how horrible both sides are being (which they often are) but Joshua really wants what is best for Amelia, and Amelia really wants what’s best for Joshua.Another highly recommended part of this book is that it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger and doesn’t have a love triangle. Yes, a YA series that doesn’t have a cliffhanger or a love triangle! It does exist!This was a much better book than I was expecting. I reviewed the first book in the series here, and while the first book was good it was nothing amazing. Arise, however is completely different, it is a solid, strong, second book in the series. I again repeat, Arise is not a New Moon type of book where it is pure filler and you don’t know why you are reading it. If anything I’d only read the first one to get to this book. Hudson’s writing is strong, her world building is as solid as it can be, I can’t recommend this book enough.