Prophecy - Originally posted at Nose in a Book (blog)This is the story of Kira, a strong warrior girl. Her sworn duty is to protect her younger cousin, the Crown Prince Taejo, from any and all harm. At the same time she is fighting with her culture, because she is hated by everyone in the land. This is weird, to me, because her job is to save everyone from demon attacks. Personally, I think that would make her liked by everyone in the town, but alas it doesn’t. Another weird point is we, the reader, are told that people have no clue about her talent, yet everyone calls her the Demon Slayer. Weird, right?Still though, I like Kira: she’s strong, she tends to hate tradition (like being told who to marry), and can stand up for herself. Throughout the novel this becomes clear when a huge betrayal ruins the country, and she ends up on the run with her cousin and a handful of others. The action scenes are extremely well written by Oh, and Oh isn’t afraid to have Kira kill anyone. In my opinion, this is awesome when reading a novel. I loathe nothing more than reading an action book is the fear of killing off characters. Oh doesn’t fear killing off characters one bit. It is also interesting that while this is heavily a YA book, the romance section is almost always on the backburner. YA tends to be so heavily romantic lately that it was interesting to read a book and have it involve romance, but at the same time not really involve romance. It was an unexpected twist.All of this being said, I could not get into this book. I tried, I even finished it, but when I finished it I had no interest in being the excited about the second book, which is upsetting because I was so excited for this book. This book to me is like Origin: it’s a good book, but it isn’t the book for me. It is a book I would call a Tina book. Tina and I agree about 80% of the time when it comes to books, but 20% of the time I book I find “meh” Tina thoroughly enjoys and vice versa. So me calling this a Tina book isn’t an insult to the book, if that’s what you thought, because I didn’t mean that at all. If Tina’s reviews are spot on to your book taste then this is very much so your book, but to me it’s an okay one time read.