I Can Barely Take Care of Myself

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids - Jen Kirkman Originally posted on yAdultReviewI grabbed this book on Netgalley cause of the title. I could say I’m joking but I’m not. I am a person who decided at a young age that I am going to be childfree. I don’t like children. I didn’t even like them when I was one. I am an eighty-year old who yells at children to get off her lawn in the body of a twenty-four year old.Kirkman takes us on a tour of her life from when she was single and living back with her parents, to when she got married to a man who didn’t want children, to the end when she was divorced but still not wanting children. It was nice to get that back story first to understand Kirkman and laugh with her throughout her trials and tribulations of growing up in New Jersey to working for Chelsea Lately.This book didn’t disappoint. Throughout the book, Jen Kirkman discusses fears of being childless I didn’t even know I had until I read her thoughts. That being said, this book gets really repetitive quick, because really how much can you say about not wanting children? Hint: Not much. However, Kirkman’s writing style and sense of humor shine and make this a worthwhile read.