Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around - Originally posted at yAdultReviewThis is the story of Noa. Noa trusts no one and lives off the grid. I love her. She’s a strong kick ass woman who takes no shit whenever possible. She is very Lisbeth Salander, and yet stands by herself. Noa trusts no one, but she ends up working with Peter, a rich kid who openly knows he has far too much money and started a hacker alliance. Together the two of them work to figure out and get through the lies and conspiracies that have begun to surround them.Noa’s backstory is important and Gagnon made sure to flush out the background. Noa’s upbringing was not ideal. She had a shit time in foster care and because of this she is careful, talks to few, and trusts no one. Peter, her soon to be partner in crime, has had a life opposite of hers. His parents are made of money, although it comes out that they got involved with something that they clearly shouldn’t have, but the two have something in common: they are both amazing hackers.They spend the entire book using their hacker skills to work through a system that has failed and messed up.Told through dual point of view, many may hope for a romance between the two, but there isn’t one. It’s a nice refreshing change in the current young adult market. There are hints of romance throughout, but it never really occurs, which this reader was completely happy with. The two just have a really, really good friendship which I hope Gagnon carries throughout the series.20 pages in I emailed Tina and told her she has to read this book. 50 pages in I sent this tweet out to the world. My feelings on this book kept getting stronger and stronger. They’re still strong and I finished it a month ago. I would have bought this book by now if I hadn’t put myself on a book buying ban. It seems yes, one can run out of room even with six bookshelves. Did you know that was even possible? I love that I act shocked, even though this occurs in my life often, to the point I need to weed and weed and weed. So do I recommend that you read this book? Yes, as fast as you can.When I finished this book I was disappointed because although Goodreads lists this as PERSEF0NE #1 there was no second in the series listed. I became content with the fact that this was going to be a stand alone. However! While I was typing this I found out there is a second book in the series called Don’t Look Now, and it comes out August. I am so! excited!