Icons - Originally posted at yAdult Review2.5 starsI liked this book? It’s hard to explain. I started it, put it down, picked it up three weeks later and didn’t give two shits about what I previously read and continued on. I then went on to finish and was like “oh. okay. next?!” Which is sad d9e3038cb37011e2b68522000a1fb1ee_7because I love Stohl. I love the series that she wrote with Kami Garcia and I had such hopes for this novel and I was extremely disappointed. I was so glad when I found out that I had won a copy of this novel once the shock wore off. Mostly because my parents were all “DID YOU ORDER ANOTHER BOOK!?” and I was all “NO! I SWEAR THIS TIME NO!” It was such a pleasant surprise, and it was the old cover which I love!And then I started to read it at a quick speed devouring it until it got to this weird slow lull and I had no interest in reading it. This also has to do with the fact that I saw The Host mid-reading this. Now they are nothing alike minus the fact that they both have to with aliens, but that was enough to force my mind to take a break. When it dawned on me that the published date was coming near and that I should probably finish it I decided to.So finished it I did and it was okay. Stohl built it up so there was a lot of tension and plot occurring but in the middle (where I stopped) there is a good 100 pages where nothing happens. Nothing. There is a bit of a love triangle (of course there is, it’s YA). And even with the aliens throughout the novel, this novel felt more dystopian-like than alien-like. This book is the story of Dol and her best friend Ro as they find themselves held prisoner by the Embassy. At the Embassy is where one of the ‘twist’ occur. They find other Icon children. This is where I originally put the book down because it seems like Stohl had problems getting out of this twist. Her world building is strong, but it is hard to appreciate when you as the reader are wading through a lot of muck trying to get to the good story.Because this is told from Dol’s POV one is suppose to be sympathetic for her but instead she made me roll my eyes a lot, including during the love triangle part in which I was like “JUST GET OVER IT” which continued to add to the part where I was just so bored. I could feel parts in which I was skimming because I just wanted the book to be over. I went into this book with expectations and sadly they were not met.