The Spindlers

The Spindlers - Lauren Oliver, Iacopo Bruno Originally posted at yAdult ReviewRecently when I had no books out from the library (which just came to pay me back when all my holds came in at once) I decided to browse the new children’s book and this was on the shelf. I love Lauren Oliver’s writing. I love middle grade. I had to read it. And it was already on my goodreads TBR list, so really I had to.In The Spindler’s, Oliver takes the typical fairy tale plot and makes it her own. At the center of the novel is Liza who one day wakes up and notices that her brother is no longer himself. Yes, he looks the same and yes, he acts the same but she knows in her heart of hearts that he is no longer her brother. Liza knows what happens. She knows that the Spindlers, spider creatures, have taken his soul. Her favorite babysitter Anna warned her about the Spindlers before she went to college. She must retrieve his soul or what is the shell of his body will disintegrate into dust. No pressure right?While Liza tries to tell her parents that “hey now, something isn’t right here!” they of course don’t listen to her and she is the one who must save her brother. Liza takes the steps into saving her brother. She goes into the crawl space in the basement and of course ends up in a deep hole (of doom — as I called it throughout.) Liza is prepared though, Anna prepared her for this moment by telling her about Below. Liza also gets a tour guide throughout her time in the Below. Her tour guide Mirabella freaked me out, to put it nicely. Mirabella is a rat, who is the side of a person. She also wears clothing and a wig. The image of Mirabella still gives me the heeby-jeebies. Oliver is that good about her characters, I will give her that, they stick with you for quite some time.While the journey Liza goes on is nice and quite fairy tale like it was not an Ashley book. I can see why others loved it, but I just did not.