Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - Originally posted at yAdult ReviewA lot of my friends loved and adored this book which gave me hope for it; alas it was not the book for me. It has an awesome concept but lacked proper execution to make it as awesome as it could be. While this was an extremely fast paced book it was still a let-down.This is the story of Evening (E.V…Eve), who after a car wreck, comes to find out she is not at all what she thought she was. She is smart and quick witted enough to find out that she heals extremely fast. While she is at her mother’s company “getting better” she is convinced she is going to die of boredom. While she is on the verge of dying of boredom her mother is all “hey! Why don’t you create a boy with this technology we’re working on.” Of course Eve is a teenager, she is all about creating a perfect boy, this of course doesn’t make Solo happy, but he has spent most of his life keeping his emotions at bay.While Even is working on said perfect boy, she comes to the realization her mother is not everything she thought she was. As we quickly find out this book is overly predictable. Little to nothing shocked me about this book. What happens when you create the perfect boy and then you don’t care about him? What happens when you find out your parents are what you thought they were but instead have secrets?Told from three points of view, Eve, Adam and Solo the authors writing shines, but the book did not. It often felt like they were trying too hard to make it funny instead of taking this in the direction it could have been taken in.