Spies and Prejudice

Spies and Prejudice - Talia Vance Originally reviewed here at yAdult ReviewHere is an interesting tidbit about me: I am not the biggest Jane Austen fan. Most people/bloggers I know gasp at something like that being said. But it’s true. That being said, I enjoy Pride and Prejudice mostly cause I enjoy the whole banter and misunderstanding and the ending. So Pride and Prejudice with a Veronica Mars vibe? SIGN ME UP! I was so, so, so, excited to read this.Then I started it. And I got bored. Quickly. Vance’s writing is not to blame. Often an author’s writing is what causes me boredom and that is not the case with this book, I was just bored with the characters. I spent more time wanting to hurt Berry than I did wanting her to make out with Tanner. Adorable, adorable Tanner. Tanner who is witty and sarcastic and my favorite snarky, didn’t play off Berry the way I was hoping for. What really threw me off with this book is the fact it’s called Spies and Prejudice and it is very little like Pride and Prejudice. If I wouldn’t have been told it was supposed to be like Pride and Prejudice would have never gotten that vibe.Even with my reservations it is a light, cute read. Just not for me this time. Not with my current mindset.