Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - huh.Originally reviewed at yAdult ReviewHmmm. This book. I really feel like it was two books in one. The first half and the second half.In the first half of the book we meet Violet. Violet who was forced to grow up to soon while missing her grandma the only person who really “got” her. Violet lives at a crumbling estate called “Citizen Kane” with her brother, who is a bit of a jerk. Their parents are off in Europe being artists who don’t have time for their children. This leaves Violet to be the adult in the family. Violet decides to rent out a small guesthouse to make some extra money.And that is when things get weird. Violet rents it to a boy around her age name River West. River West who charms her right away and there is then instalove. There is a reason for that as the blurb says, but it doesn’t mean I had to like it. Because of River and the instalove, this makes Violet an extremely unreliable narrator. Which, if I’m being honest, I often enjoy. It is nice and refreshing however to have a character know they aren’t being reliable.Which brings us to book two, the second half. There comes a point in the novel which Violet knows that she is under this spell and understands the control that River was using and she’s still like OH OKAY YES I LOVE AND ADORE YOU. Dude. COME ON. THINK ABOUT THIS.Plus the giant twist, which legitimately shocked me, annoyed me more than anything. While this is a solid book and will have its fanbase, it is just not for me.