Awaken (Abandon Trilogy Series #3)

Awaken - Meg Cabot Originally posted at yAdult ReviewOh this series. I understand that is not the best way to start a review, but sometimes it is the only way. Pierce spent this series much like in the previous books frustrating me, but at the same time made me love her more. I mean she’s a teenager, she is going to be frustrating. Looking back on my teenage years, was there a time I wasn’t frustrating? Probably not. And that is OK. But Pierce is much of the same.Of course she is now Queen of the Underworld with her boyfriend, King of the Underworld, who is a teeny bit strange. John is not only weird because he is, you know, dead, but also because he wants to get married and wants to get married now. He introduces himself to everyone as “Hello, I am John. I want to marry Pierce, but she will currently not let me because she says this is not the ways of present day.”I know.There is an interesting turning point where Pierce becomes an even stronger girl. Don’t get me wrong, she has been pretty strong throughout this series but there becomes a point when you can feel the light-bulb go off above her head and you’re like “YES! YOU GET IT! GOOD FOR YOU!” Not to say there weren’t moments in which I wanted to kill her, of course there were those moments. But again, she’s a teen who is dealing with a lot of shit.This is also the first book in awhile that I have felt like Meg Cabot is back to the Meg Cabot that I know and love and that makes me excited for the future.