Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now - Michelle Gagnon Originally posted at yAdult ReviewAs I made it clear here, I love and adore the first book in this series. The way the author writes and portrays her characters was spot on. The second book in the series continued with this portrayal. I made quite a noise when I was approved for this ARC because I was just that! excited! I barely found out that there was a sequel and then I found the ARC and book noises were made. Probably for the best that this was an eARC not a physical copy because it would not have been pretty.This book picks up quickly after the first book in the series finishes, in the middle of a new caper no less! I had high expectations for this book for many reasons. Love of the first book, love of the storyline, etc. I promise you it didn’t not let me down. One could easily pick up this book without the first book and know immediately what was going on. The recap was amazing without seeming so “THIS! IS! A! RECAP!” which was much appreciated. In Don’t Look Now, good friends Peter and Noa are separated. Peter is still hacking, trying to figure out what happened in Noa’s life and essentially the systems working on breaking it down. While this is going on Noa is with Persefone’s Army which at this point is a modern day Robin Hood saving people from the worst.The worst, which has happened to Amanda, who throughout this novel you continue to not trust. Or maybe you do, and if you do can you please tell me why you trust her? She gives me bad vibes (which I know, is so cliche to say).Obviously Peter and Noa continue to have trust issues with everyone in this story who aren’t each other. The interesting part of the trust issues is that it gets in the way of them moving on with their lives and of course the oh so important plot. Noa slowly starts to trust Zeke, a fellow member of the army, who, while he doesn’t understand all the minute details of Noa’s life, is okay going slow and waiting for her. It is very sweet and endearing to not have a boy in a teen novel be demanding and be like NOW NOW NOW.It is hard to review this book without giving too much away, not only about the first book in the series, but of course this book. I will say that while the book nears the end of the novel we’re getting closer to what happened and the soon downfall of it all but we’re still left hanging for the third and final novel of the series.Solid 4.5. review closer to publication.